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Welkom bij InkoopAmsterdamGold, wij bieden u eenvoudig de hoogste prijs voor uw edelmetaal.


With the pursuit of maximum transparency and reliability comes responsibility. AmsterdamGold doesn't skimp on its responsibility, so it is regularly subjected to tests to ensure the highest level of transparent services can always be guaranteed. 

Annual audits by Auditors of EY play a role in this, as well as the various certifications by Dutch and international administrators held by AmsterdamGold. In addition, AmsterdamGold has been awarded the highest credit status in the bullion market by rating agencies.

You can find more information on the working methods of AmsterdamGold on the links below. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions about this or need more information. They are happy to assist.

You will find documents relating to the buying and selling of gold, silver and platinum here, including our complaints procedure.

We would also like to point out that AmsterdamGold holds an AFM permit and AEO status.