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The history of AmsterdamGold

AmsterdamGold was founded by Willem Middelkoop in 2008. Willem developed his vision of the financial system as a journalist at RTLz. Eventually, Willem Middelkoop sold his interests in the company and Luc van Hecke currently has the role of AmsterdamGold CEO. He continued to expanded the company professionally through his knowledge of banks, and in shares trading. Luc van Hecke has developed the company into the most successful full-service bullion dealer. AmsterdamGold specializes in the procurement, sale, storage, transport and safeguarding of bullion. It can take pride in being called the largest bullion dealer in the Netherlands. And the largest bullion storage in Europe.

It turned out to be the correct vision and with the outbreak of the banking crisis, the need for physical investment opportunities emerged strongly in the Netherlands. A year after its establishment, AmsterdamGold became the market leader in the trade in physical gold and silver in the Netherlands.

In 2011, AmsterdamGold opened the company specialising in bullion storage, AmsterdamSafe. Meanwhile, AmsterdamSafe has become the largest private storage of gold, silver and platinum in the Benelux. You can also sell directly from your account at AmsterdamSafe through this site.

Since 2016, AmsterdamGold purchases bullion under its own name. Previously, AmsterdamGold handled several other brand names with the purchase. The fame and trust in the AmsterdamGold brand, however, was so strong, the procurement activities of gold, silver and platinum are now conducted under the same name as the sale of gold.

Of course, it is also organized in such a way that all of AmsterdamGold's activities are accessible through a single website. So if you don't wish to sell gold or silver, you can click on the right hand button in the menu bar, 'buy bullion'.