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The most common bullion is silver. Excavations have found that silver has already been mined in ancient Greece and what is now Turkey, in 4000-3500 BC. In the past, mercury was seen as a liquid form of silver, an understandable but incorrect assumption. Silver is a unique bullion with unique features, which includes many industrial but also medical applications. AG (from the Latin word for silver, argentum) is the name under which it is known in the periodic table of the elements.


That silver has been used as an investment and payment for millennia is already apparent from the fact that 'silver' is the word for money in more than forty languages, such as argent in French and Plata in Spanish. Silver also means money at AmsterdamGold. Exactly how much money you get for selling your silver depends on the exchange rate and you will see this in the menu above under silver. For some silver products available from AmsterdamGold, you will get even more than 100% of the silver price.


NB. The purity of silver, just as with gold, is expressed in fineness (purity) or in parts of 1000. In practice, we express pure silver as. .999