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Gold is the most fascinating metal in the world. There are almost no cultures from the past and present who are or were not fascinated by gold. By now, we no longer award magical powers to gold, as often happened in the past. However, gold is still very popular as an investment and as an ornamental object. AmsterdamGold specializes in gold as an investment.


You will find more information on gold as an investment here. If you want to know how to sell it the simple way, and at a good price, you will find the information here.


The difference between gold intended for jewellery or other ornamental objects, and investment gold, lies mostly in its purity. Pure gold is too soft to create an article for use from it. Therefore, such objects are often made of gold that is mixed with another metal. The ratio of gold to another metal is often expressed in carats in everyday parlance. These days, the gold trade works with a more accurate scale of purity. In trade, the purity of gold it is expressed in 'fineness', and that refers to parts of 1000. This is in contrast to carat in which only 24 different purities of gold can be expressed.


NB. Pure gold is never identified by 1000, but with .999. After all, it is impossible to guarantee that there is not one single bit of pollution included.




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