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1 troy ounce gold Philharmonic


Goud Philharmoniker

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Gold Philharmonic coins are Europe's first gold bullion coin struck in 99,99% fine gold. Issued by the Royal Austrian Mint, the Vienna Philharmonic coins are praised for their lovely design and high gold purity. These coins are usually more expensive than other gold bullion coins but stand out from other coins due to their unusual large diameter.

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Offer guarantee gold 100%
Material Gold
Purity .999
Weight 1 troy ounce


Gold Philharmonic coins

Gold Philharmonic coins are minted by the Royal Austrian Mint. The coins are struck in 1 troy ounce (31.103 grams) fine gold. With a purity of 99,99% the Philharmonic is one of the finest gold bullion coins available. It is also the first European gold bullion coin. At the obverse of the coin various instruments are portrayed, honoring the Vienna Philharmonic. At the reverse the image of the Great Organ is shown, as well as the face value of 100 Euros and the text Republik Osterreich.

The exceptional large diameter of 37 millimeters makes the Vienna Philharmonic the largest diameter one troy ounce pure gold coin in the world.

Face value: 100 euro
Weight: 31.103 gram (1 troy ounce)
Diameter: 37 mm
Material: Gold
Purity: 99,99%
Year of issue: 2011

Vienna Philharmonic

Most gold coins are minted by government's mints and the design is often based on a state symbol. The design of the gold Phiharmonic is based on the concert hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs. The Great Organ from the Vienna's Golden Hall is portrayed on the coin.  We offer the Philharmonic coin only in 1 troy ounce. Other sizes are also minted by the Royal Austrian Mint but they are not offered for sale at The Silver Mountain due to the high premium. All gold coins are shipped in capsules or in a tube.