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1 Kilo Kookaburra silver coin


1 kilo zilver Kookaburra munt

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  • 1 kilo zilver Kookaburra munt
  • Zilveren kilo kookaburra
Kookaburra coins are Australia's number one silver bullion coin. Issued in 1 kilogram of fine silver, these coins are very interesting for investors and collectors of fine silver coins. We offer kilo coins from 2011, which are brand new and in excellent condition.

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Offer guarantee silver 107%
Material Silver
Weight 1 kg


Probably the most recognized silver bullion coin from the Perth Mint, Australia: the Kookaburra series. The Kookaburra kilo coin is minted in 99,9% fine silver. This coin weights 1 kilogram is minted to serve both collectors and investors. The design of the coin is altered each year and due to the high purity of silver, the coin is also very often purchased to invest in silver bullion.

Kookaburra silver coins are legal tender in Australia. The coin carries a face value of $30 (Australian Dollars). However, these coins are always traded for its silver value instead.

On the obverse of the coin an image of one or more Kookaburra birds is minted and on the reverse of the coin a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II can be found. On the reverse the text: Elizabeth II, Australia and the purity and weight of the coin is also listed.